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Mark Belling made an interesting point about the retirement of
great marquee quarterbacks.

Teams that have had a great HOF type quarterback retire have
tended to go into long downward slides, the only real exception
being the 49ers, who had Steve Young ready to go when Joe
Montana retired.

The Dolphins after Marino.
The Bills after Jim Kelly.
The Broncos after Elway.
The Cowboys after Aikman (only in the last year or two are
they recovering).

The Packers after BART STARR (took them 20+ years to get back
to a real contender).

Packer fans better get used to a long LONG dry spell, now.

Mark Belling to his engineer just now "Paul, if Brett Favre now goes
on to another team and is successful, even takes them to the
playoffs or better, you're going to be even sicker than you are now."
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