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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
Impressive win by Tech, but I hate the option. To me, it's an inferior offensive scheme designed only because the college QB is inadequate at throwing. There's a reason the option isn't run in the NFL. In college, you often end up with great athlete QBs who don't have downfield accuracy, so they run the option. It just seems very JV to me.
No, the reason why the option isn't run in the NFL has more to do with protecting the QB rather than the scheme being something inferior. The QB takes a big hit on almost every play...not only that, but the way it is designed, if effective, the QB takes an unprotected big hit on almost every play.

The way things are currently, obviously it's going to be used more the lower the level of football. You can't run it in the NFL because of the risk of injury and it's definitely become that way in college football as well. But, I don't think that the reason why it isn't run has anything to do with it being inferior.

If you run it effectively, it's the only running scheme that really accounts for every defender, minimizes risk and has high reward. You can't say that about many other systems aside from maybe what Bill Walsh did.
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