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If you have instant replay at all, it must be used in all situations where a call can be disputed. This business of pass interference not being reviewable is ridiculous. It's like finding a cure for cancer and then passing a law banning cancer patients from obtaining it! Another thing I would like to see changed is what happens when a challenge does not result in the call being overturned; instead of deducting a time-out, I say penalize the team five yards for delay of game - the challenge did end up delaying the game, did it not?

And if they can't bring themselves to include pass interference as a reviewable play, they should institute a 15-yard penalty (plus an automatic first down, of course) for "non-flagrant" pass interference - or at the very least limit the penalty to half the distance to the goal in the case of interference on a very long pass. And a safeguard could be put in place to prevent deliberate fouls at the very end of a half or game, and that would be that the clock would be reset to how much time remained prior to the snap on any play where pass interference was committed in the last two minutes of a half or game (and the clock would not restart until the next snap if even if the clock had been running prior to the previous snap).
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