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Originally posted by Ricky the Kid
I don't know how they can associate Bush with this legislation. Rangel is a Democrat and I'm sure at least 80 percent of the people supporting it are too. No exemptions?? Please. The military doesn't have enough jobs for every male and female 18-24.
This particular bill may be a hoax, but there have been some politicians stumping for it, it never gained any real steam though. I remember seeing it being reported on the news a few months after the Iraq war started.

Some support for this started because there are some out there who blame Clinton for 9/11 because he went to great lengths to strip down the military and now that the US is engaged in a military action its forces are being spread too thin. This also gained some support due to soldiers having their tours constantly extended due to not having enough reserves to replace them.

The US Military always has enough jobs as long as the Republicans control the budget they always push military spending through the roof. How do you think Reagan ran up such a huge deficit in the 80s?

Oh, and if the bill were passed and Bush signed it into law then that is as good as supporting it. If he wanted to avoid being attached to it he would have to veto it and then Congress would have to attempt to override it for it to go into affect.
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