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Rose Bowl tradition is what cost Big 10 teams like Penn State in 1994 and Michigan in 1997 a shot at undisputed national championships. I hate the BCS, but it's better than what preceded it...

The Rose Bowl would take USC if they don't end up #2 in the BCS standings. Assuming that USC does end up in the Sugar Bowl, I think the best matchup would be a Michigan-Ohio State rematch on neutral turf. I'd still pick Michigan, but it'd be by far the most interesting matchup. However, that will depend on the Orange Bowl not opting for a rematch of last year's championship game.

The most interesting matchups from my POV:

Sugar- OU-USC
Fiesta- Texas vs. LSU or Gerogia
Orange- Miami- Florida State rematch
Rose- Michigan Ohio State Rematch

Any other combination leaves one lame game.
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