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Ricky touched on it, and I am almost postive that two teams from the same conference can not play each other in a BCS bowl game of any kind. You never even see two teams from the same conference play each other in any bowl game for that matter.

Speaking of rematches in the BCS, i.e. Miami vs. FSU as a possible situation this season, the BCS has not had a rematch in any of their championship series games yet. So, five years of the BCS and 20 BCS bowl games, there has not been a rematch of any teams that played during the regular season.

Now before the BCS, there were big time bowl games that had rematches with teams that played in regular season and two that come to mind are FSU vs. Florida in Sugar Bowl for National for the 1996 season, and FSU vs. Florida in Sugar Bowl for the 1994 season.

I would not count on any rematches or any conference foes playing each other in any BCS game. Miami vs. FSU does have more of a possibility, but it probably won't happen given the history of the BCS up to date.

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