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Interesting, insightful article - but the experience of Atlanta's opponent in this Sunday's NFC championship game provides some important object lessons.

Not long ago Donovan McNabb was in the same danger as Michael Vick is in now (and had about the same passing numbers too) - and indeed, did get seriously injured in November of 2002 - before the Eagles front office finally got the hint and acquired a franchise wide receiver, that of course being T.O. A genuine "go-to" receiver gives an offense "blitz control" because any time the blitz is not adequately picked up it can spell six points on one play. Fewer blitzes, in turn, lessen the chance of injury to the quarterback.

Of course Vick is considerably smaller than McNabb, and hence is inherently more vulnerable to injuries, but that doesn't alter where the Falcons need to go from here - and that is to get Vick a true #1 receiver.
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