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I think the whole circunstance is a catch 22.....youhave to do what you can to protect your future but every game is a win now situation. You rarely get a chance to have a championship quality team and if you believe you have one a coach is going to go all out, and call any play to get to that level. Otherwise he won't have a job long. Coaches and GM's have to win now in order to justify themselves.

I think it lies more on the shoulders of Vick himself. As he progresses to be a better reader of defenses and a better passer, his runs will decrease and he should be able to do more damage from the pocket. I would like to see him be smarter as in when to slide, run out of bounds, and throw the ball away.

His athletic ability gives him the chance to make something happen on every play but he needs to be smarter about knowing when to give up on a particular play.
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