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While voting is compulsory in democratic nations like Australia, Belgium, and Luxembourg, local officials are mostly held responsible for enforcing the law. Anyway, those nations are around the 80%-90% range ( and now this by memory, so I'm not going to give an exact percentage). Italy is technically more of a true democracy than say a Luxembourg ( constitutional monarchy, but with very free elections), and comes in around a 90% clip, which is probably the highest ( if memory serves again) among somewhat democratic nations that aren't compulsory. Still, they are all comparable, but again, Italy's electoral process and government stability are nothing to write home about since the end of WWII, and even before so, but especially since.

Bottom line...high voter turnout, and to a certain extent, high voter turnout in truly free elections, don't necessarily mean a well-oiled democracy, especially in places who have traditionally not been exposed to the democratic ideals, like Iraq. Italy too has suffered from rampant corruption, even before the fascists took power over from the liberals in the early part of the 20th century. In fact, Italy had a very liberal goverment and embraced many democratic ideals throughout their history.

Even people with somewhat democratic ideals struggle with democracy when corruption has been part of their world. Iraq has had little democratic ideals with massive corruption in their culture, two bad signs.
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