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COULD BE True Ricky. Just pointing out the perils though. High voter turnout in Italy hasn't resulted in a very stable government, yet people still continue to vote there. Desire is good, and the clip reported by the White House in Iraq indicates a desire on some level, but without additional factors ( again with the history of corruptness and no significant history of a democracy in Iraq), it doesn't matter how you matters what actually happens as far as stability and the degree of democracy that may emerge in Iraq.

IMO, voting has never been a good indication of the desire to participate in a free and democratic nation. Voter turnout in the U.S. is low, but "unconventional participation" ( as any good intro to political science prof would term it) in this nation is unequal to any on earth, and has often produced far better results than voting in terms of advancing democratic ideals. Marches, protests, boycotts, and sit-ins have all been great weapons of the unconventional participant in his/her struggle to change the system. Voting in the conventional system has become an obstacle to many in the quest for a democratic voice. It is also a very contrived and basic element of the democratic process, a tool of laziness, in some regards, when trying to further progress IMO. Voting for the sake of voting isn't a great democratic ideal. The founders were quite adament that great knowledge on an issue and an exchange of conflicting ideas were fundamental requirements in deciding to vote. The Iraqi's had neither. 60% of them believed they were voting for a new President just days before the election. Uneducated voting can do just as much harm as having a ruthless dictator running your nation.

Again, the true desire will come when the government begins to govern and the people react. THAT is when I feel this lovefest will end in Iraq. A nation that is neither educated on their vote, nor educated in other measures that enhance a democratic state will fail, no matter their intentions.

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