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Sept. 2 Montana
Sept. 9 at Syracuse
Sept. 16 Iowa State
Sept. 23 at Illinois
Sept. 30 Ohio State
Oct. 7 Purdue (HC)
Oct. 14 at Indiana
Oct. 21 at Michigan
Oct. 28 Northern Illinois
Nov. 4 Northwestern (FW)
Nov. 11 Wisconsin
Nov. 18 at Minnesota

First game is against Montana, they are a good Div. II opp, but its not even gonna be close.
second game: This will be a closer game I think than most expect.. But in the end I think the Hawkeyes win it by 2 TDs.
game 3: The "Clowns" get a wake up call... And go home to lAmes crying.
game 4: Illinois is an easy win, mark it down.
Game 5: I honestly can't pick this one... It could go either way, I think Iowa has the slight edge since its at kinnick, if it was at tOSU then i would pick OSU by 2 TD's.
Gmae 6: Come on... Its HC, Iowa wins this one, although it might be pretty close..
Game 7: Mark it Down..
game 8: I think Michigan wins... But you never know Iowa has pulled it off before.
Game 9: NIU will put up a fight... But theres no way they beat Iowa at Kinnick
game 10: Iowa will beat up on NW, and give them a nice taste of revenge for last year.
Game 11: I think Wisky will put up a fight.. But in the end Iowa is just too much.
Game 12: Come on... Its Kinnick North, Iowa in a close one though

Overall I see three records possible... 11-1, 10-2, or 9-3... Nothing worse than 9-3... Should happen. Iowa will be a contender for the Big Ten title next year, even though Hodge and Greenway are gone. And Eddy Hinkel and Solomon are gone. Tony Moeaki WOW... He is gonna be somthing special next year.... 8 catches this year and he still got over a hundred yards... Plus those one-handed grabs he makes look like nothing.... Forgot to say... I bolded the games i think are the toughest for next year.
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