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Originally Posted by tobynosker View Post
Rap artists are heavily censored and face far more scrutiny than Don Imus ever will...
Okay Toby... fair point. However, being "heaviliy censored" means that what they are selling merits censor before release. Consider intent here, in relation to the rap artists. What is it they are selling? Do they have free license to say whatever they wish yet exceptions made for others?

A political pundit summarizes this morning exactly what the rap world is putting out on the radio and on commerical CD-ROMs, I urge you to scan this link (to her column) and read a few of the lyrics she reprints. Much of it makes what Imus said appear saintly in comparison. Most of it I can't even cite here on this Discussion Board.

So what you say is correct tobynosker; much of the rap music is censored, but some bad stuff is allowed. My point is intent here. Is it time to add the same scrutiny that codemns others; i.e., Imus et al., to the rap world? Secondly, do the African American Reverends and leaders of the community, Jackson, Sharpton et al., have anthing to say about the music business?
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