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Originally Posted by tobynosker View Post
Those questionable lyrics that she posts are not being aired on the radio, and will only be heard by purchasing the actual album which does feature an RIAA-required parental advisory sticker on the front...
Toby: I guess I was speaking about the larger point here, as was the link I cited. The nation reacts aghast about what Imus says, as does the Rutgers basketball team, and the media. Calls for his firing are urged.

Yet, words legions times worse are heard every day and ignored. You cite above and seem to suggest that such lyrics are acceptable if so labeled.

My point, as I said, is larger. How can society condemn someone like Imus, and demand his firing, if not, in the same breath, we are condemning all instances of such racism. In my opipnion, there exists some double-standard that media such as rap music can advance racism but not radio jocks. I know you don't agree with that, but I do. If we want to move to a better society we need to confront racism where ever it exists, not give it a pass because someone can slap a label on it and get it approved.
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