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Originally Posted by InTheNet
Toby: I guess I was speaking about the larger point here, as was the link I cited. The nation reacts aghast about what Imus says, as does the Rutgers basketball team, and the media. Calls for his firing are urged.
People are shocked by Don Imus' comment because it was unpleasant, objectionable and carried with it some strong, racial overtones. But even the majority of people I have heard that found Imus' comment offensive, including myself, are not asking for his firing. They are happy with a suspension, and are ready to move on.

Originally Posted by InTheNet
Yet, words legions times worse are heard every day and ignored. You cite above and seem to suggest that such lyrics are acceptable if so labeled.
Never once have I suggested that objectionable rap lyrics are acceptable.

I am simply pointing out the fact that those rap lyrics in question are not allowed to be heard on the radio, are not allowed to be said on television, and the album's containing those lyrics must carry with them a parental advisory sticker. The word "ho" is actually edited out of any rap song containing that word that wishes to be played on the radio or on television.

Those rappers who use objectifying and degrading lyrics in their music are not being allowed to use the airwaves without being censored. And much like those rappers, Don Imus should also not be allowed to use objectifying and degrading words on his talk show.

Originally Posted by InTheNet
In my opipnion, there exists some double-standard that media such as rap music can advance racism but not radio jocks. I know you don't agree with that, but I do.
But, I think it is also misleading to suggest that rappers are getting away with something Don Imus is not when using the same medium. It's untrue, and there is no double-standard.

As I mentioned before, rap artists can not spout objectifying and degrading lyrics on the radio, and Don Imus should not be allowed to, either.
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