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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
Wisconsin is an ELITE program right now. They've won the most games in the Big Ten over the last 3 years. They have 3 conference titles in the last 14 years and are the only Big Ten team in history to win consecutive Rose Bowls. They are 9-3 in bowl games since 1993. That includes two consecutive wins vs. the SEC...God's gift to college football. They are also a very respectable 12-16-1 against the Ohio State/Michigan/Penn State conglomerate since 1993. In fact, they've won in their last three trips to Columbus.
Im not too sure about elite, but if you say so.. I'll take your word for it. They have an excellent young and up and coming coach and they've recruited well the last couple of years, but they still havent played for a National Championship.. Rose Bowls are great in the Big Ten and that's what counts for them... but until you win a NC or ATLEAST play for a NC in the last 5 years, you're not elite in my eyes.

I havent seen Wisconsin finish in the Top 3 as far as I could remember. Hell, they were just ranked in the Top 5 last year for the first time in YEARS. So, that's why I say they are a rising program. ONE Top 5 finish in the last 10 years and a school that hasnt been in the running for a NC is not quite elite. When I think of elite, I think of schools like Florida, Auburn, Ohio State, Georgia and even schools like Texas, LSU, Oklahoma and Miami... teams that for the most part, are in the running for a NC every year or have been the last few years.

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