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Yep -- you and me, Nate. You and me -- only people to predict the Yanks to win at the start of April AND at the start of October.

So far, my post-season prediction record is 5-1 with my only "loss" in the Houston/Atlanta series..... no reason I can't make it 6-1 by continuing to predict the Yankees coming out on top.... although most of you don't think that's much of a prediction anymore (remember, it WAS back at the start of this tournament).

However, I have to disagree with you all that the Yanks will have an easy time.... like the guys on FOX said, Schilling and Johnson could combine to pitch 5 games in the World Series, if it goes to 7 games. Schilling is nearly unhittable and except for Game 5 last night, the Yankee's bats aren't exactly hot, except for that of Bernie Williams.

It'll be a tough road, but I'll say the Yankees will win, but they'll do it on the road, in Game 6.
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