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I really don't see how you all hate the Yankees so much. I mean, you are watching one of the greatest dynasties of our time!!... How many of us were able to see the Montreal Candiens in their glory days??.... or the Celtics or the Pakers when they ruled the NBA and NFL???.... WE are witnessing the continuation of the greatest team in the history of baseball!!

Sure, I'd love to see my Jays or Twins or even the Diamondbacks win the World Series again/for once, but I don't see how you can watch "if nothing else is on," etc., etc., etc. If you're a baseball fan, you'll watch the World Series no matter who is playing, even if it IS the Yankees (again).

I just don't see how you are all so against the Yankees. If Montreal won the Stanley Cup, sure, as a die-hard hockey fan, I'd be [b]CRINGING/[b] in my seat!!!!!!!.... maybe that's how you all are as die-hard baseball fans.... but if the Canadiens won the Stanley Cup AGAIN, or if the Yankees win the World Series AGAIN, you just do what Bret Boone did -- smile, shake your head, and just watch the shear brilliance of how a team like that gets lucky soo much and appreciate it.... it's called "sport."
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