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Once again I will have to make this week ATS picks short and sweet. I completed last weekís picks 8-6 to bring my season total to 35-21-3 (.593). That average doesnít include the wash games that came out even. Not the greatest week, but an above .500 week shouldnít send anyone to the poor house. Letís see if I canít improve in Week 5.
Sunday, October 7th, 2007
Carolina Panthers
New Orleans Saints -3.5
This is the week the Saints bounce back. Panthers injuries take their toll. Saints win and give the points.
Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs +2
At home in Arrowhead I see the Chiefs winning so take the points and look for the straight win.
Detroit Lions +3.5
Washington Redskins
Lions have actually looked decent this year and Iím not sold on the Redskin D just yet. Lions with the upset, take the points.
Atlanta Falcons +8.5
Tennessee Titans
Titans are looking good, but after the Falcons pulled their first win last week Iím not to quick to give the points. Titans win, but take the Falcons and the points.
Miami Dolphins
Houston Texans -6
Dolphins are looking awful and the Texans suffered an upset last week. Take the Texans and give the points this week.
Seattle Seahawks +6.5
Pittsburgh Steelers
I have Pittsburgh winning this match up, but the Seahawks will stay within a field goal. Take the Seahawks and the points.
Cleveland Browns +17
New England Patriots
If one things for sure, the Patriots have been consistent for four weeks now and that would lead me to want to give the points, but one things for sure, nothing can stay consistent in the NFL. Call it a feeling, Browns coverÖbarely.
Arizona Cardinals
St. Louis Rams +3.5
I truly feel that this is an upset pick because of the Rams injuries, but for the line to be this close, one has to wonder if Iím not the only one feeling an upset brewing. Rams cover.
New York Jets
New York Giants -4
The Jets travel to their home stadium this weekÖthatís just wrong. I pick the home team. No the other home team. Take the Giants give the points.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +10
Indianapolis Colts
Some nicks and scraps on the Colts side will allow the Buccaneers to hang in there. Many think this could be an upset. Not me, but Iíll take the points.
San Diego Chargers
Denver Broncos (Pick)
As if this division rivalry isnít heated enough, the line just had to be even as well. No wash on this match up, Iíve got the Broncos in the straight out win.
Baltimore Ravens -3.5
San Francisco 49ers
I had this game down to a field goal, but I think the absence of Alex Smith is enough to give the points.
Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers -3.5
Iím sticking with the Pack Attack this week so give the points.
Monday, October 8, 2007 Monday Night Football
Dallas Cowboys -11
Buffalo Bills
I know this goes against what I said about the New England game, but weíre talking about the Bills here. I donít see them covering this spread and an upset win would give me a heart attack. Take the Cowboys give the points.
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