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I drafted up some rules.... what does everyone think?


1. Ten people begin in two equal teams of five.
2. SPORTS SURVIVOR will consist of three stages

3. Stage 1 - Team Stage
. a) Consists of each team competing for the "Goofy Trophy," :goof:.
. b) There will be four Goofy Trophies given out in this stage. Thus, there will be four challenges and six remaining players in the game when this stage is completed.
. c) Each challenge will have its own rules, as outlined by myself. Each team must complete the challenge within the rules during the time limit or else automatically lose the chance to win the Goofy Trophy.
. d) The team that loses the Goofy Trophy in each challenge will be forced to go to the "Locker Room" to vote someone off of their team. Each player on the losing tribe will cast a single vote against someone on their own team to be eliminated from the game. This vote will be casted by Private Messaging me.
. e) Upon completion of the Team Stage, there will be six players remaining in the game.

4. Stage 2 - Individual Stage
. a) This stage consists of the remaining six players still in the game "merging" into a single team to compete against each other for the Goofy Trophy.
. b) There will be four Goofy Trophies giving out in this stage. Thus, there will be four Locker Room votes.
. c) Challenges have the same rules as per Rule.3.c., except that you will be competing against each other and you are ON YOUR OWN in each challenge.
. d) The person that wins the Goofy Trophy in each round is EXEMPT from that round's (and that round ONLY) Locker Room vote. Every player, including the one that won the Goofy Trophy, must vote someone out of the players still in the game.
. e) Upon the completion of the Individual Stage, there will be two players remaining in the game.

5. Stage 3 - Final Locker Room Vote
. a) Everyone will participate in this round EXCEPT THE FIRST PERSON VOTED OUT OF THE GAME IN STAGE 1.
. b) Each of the previous 7 players will ask each of the 2 finalists a question to determine why they should be declared the ultimate SPORTS SURVIVOR. One week will be given to do this process.
. c) After everyone has asked their question (or the end of one week, whichever is first), the final Locker Room Vote will take place, with the previous 7 players voted out of the game casting a vote for who they think is the ultimate SPORTS SURVIVOR.
. d) The votes are tallied and the winner is announced.

6. The Referee (me) will have the final say in any situation regarding SPORTS SURVIVOR 2.
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