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Originally posted by Nate
"The Diamondbacks became the first team in World Series history to enter the bottom of the ninth inning trailing in a Game 7 and then rally to win before the game went into extra innings."
Baseball makes me mad -- THEY HAVE STATS FOR EVERY FRIGGIN' CATEGORY!!!!! :redhot:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's kind of ironic, seeing as how the Yankees became the first team in 72 years to come back from a 2-run deficit entering the 9th inning only to win the game.... and then, they did that TWICE in a row!!!!... Very ironic, I think, actually!

I thought originally it was a good decision to give Johson & Schillinlg co-MVP awards. ...but then I remembered that I wasn't watching the NHL Playoffs were the MVP award at the end of the tournament is awarded to best overall player throughout the ENTIRE postseason... in baseball, it's just for that one series, so now I believe that Johnsons should retain the award for himself.

That said..... what are the odds that Schilling would have won the award had Rivera closed it out and the Yanks had have won the World Series yet again???? It would almost definitely be Rivera or Schilling receiving the MVP.
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