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With the games just hours away, it would probably be a good idea for me to take the time to make my ATS picks. Finishing 2-2 last week, I can hardly hope to improve much as we are now down to only two games. Both games sporting spreads larger than a touchdown, the home teams are once again considered heavy favorites, but so were last weeks home teams who only accounted for 50% of the wins. So who covers this week? Who beats the spread? Letís have a look.
Sunday, January 20th, 2008
San Diego Chargers
New England Patriots -14
The Chargers have proven to be a surprisingly better team than expected after last weeks dismantling of Peyton Manning and the Colts, but too many injuries against this Patriots team is going to prove to be entirely too much to handle.
New York Giants +8
Green Bay Packers
Giants have been playing at the top of their game after deciding to give the Patriots a run for their money in their final regular season game. They want a rematch in the Super Bowl and will battle to the final whistle with the Packers, but Favre in the final seconds proves to be the final touch on a Packers victory.
And thatís how I see it this weekend. Chargers made a good run, but just canít run through New England and the Giants keep it close enough to beat the spread, just not the Packers. Patriots and Packers, see you in Arizona.
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