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Originally Posted by philabramoff View Post
I'd take the 80-year old who's lived life, knows humanity through
personal experience, knows what the depression was like, remembers
the economic malaise under Carter, remembers the Soviet Union
falling under Reagan, remembers the Vietnam War, has gained wisdom
about life through human experience, has worked a lifetime possibly
running a business...

...rather than a 20-year old who's read a bunch of leftist literature
like Marx.

There's an old Native American saying that says something like,
"you cannot be wise, unless you have silver in your hair."
I don't know Phil. This kinda seems like a shot at CK. It's fine if you want to say life experience, regardless of political/social slant, is a valuable commodity but I think singling out the leftish literature like Marx remark is pretty petty.

I probably get worked up over the generational divide the most simply based on age...regardless if I'm dealing with a 20-year-old Marxist or a 20-year-old capitalist.
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