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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
I lived in Southern California and carpooled. I also took public transportation when I was at the beach...or walked.

Most folks are lazy. Next time you're at a beach Phil look at the windshields of the cars. You'll see people who paid to park at various beaches right next to each other (Heisler Park, Divers Cove, Crescent Bay in Orange especially)

Orange would be those Republican bastards though.

I live 10 minutes away from my work. Most people live 30-40 minutes+.
If I walked to work, it would take me at least 45 minutes, and I'd be in
really bad shape by the time I got there, because I'm disabled.

The point is, gas prices have doubled in the past two years (i.e. when
Nancy Pelosi took over the Speakership). We need the damn oil, and it just
doesn't wash to hear Obama saying "walk to work" or "inflate your tires".
The Democratic Party is so in the stranglehold of the environmentalist
lobby that they would rather cripple the American economy and sell out
the lower class (whom they claim they live for) with what amounts to a
repressive tax on the poor.

Conservatives, like me and Cat, are not a bunch of polluters either. We
are concerned about cleaning up localized pollution. We would like to see
alternative fuels created. But, we are realistic. Our position is
that we can, and should, produce as much of our own oil as possible,
instead of buying it all at inflated prices from countries that want to kill
us, while we wait for those alternative fuels to come, if they even

Global warming is also a crock. It's been proven wrong by NOAA this year,
and it a harmful misdirection of our efforts.
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