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Originally Posted by philabramoff View Post
Okay, Buck, I'll agree this is true, to a point. It's ashame that they
have to be at war with eachother.

I'll trust my Catholic faith more than a lot of the insipid crap I got
in college.

Mainstream liberalism has the universities, the mainstream media,
and the entertainment industry.

Mainstream conservativism has much (but not all) of American religion,
and the alternate media (i.e. talk radio, and some of the internet outlets).

Okay, that's an observation, but not sure where that leads us.

My ultimate position is that I don't want the government to become
controlled by the radical left (i.e., a huge, controlling, micromanaging
government). This would be far worse than religion being "controlled
by the right", as you describe, for one demonstrably irrefutable reason:
Religion is optional. Government is not.
I agree with all of this til the very end. I despise both camps of the mainstream conservative (organized religion, talk radio) and liberal (so-called higher education, Hollywood) movements. They simply use highly organized autonomous institutions to distribute their propaganda to seize/hold the limited wealth in this nation.

I don't want the government to be controlled by the radical left or radical right or radical anything. I want the government to be of the people, by the people, for the people (sound familiar? ) and not either institution. No side is better in my eyes.

Religion in theocracies is not optional and billions of people on earth have been raped, murdered, tortured in its name that had no affiliation with either side. Government isn't optional but if it's of,by and for the the very least you get to die on your own terms or nearly close to it. Speaking from experience, this is basically what most oppressed people in this nation would ask for at this point...IMO.
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