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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
Tell me about all the cars you see on the Santa Monica or Ventura with one person in the car. The carpool lanes are so much faster cuz nobody uses them that it's actually worth going to pick someone up near you and then driving to work...IF POSSIBLE. My wife did that when we lived out there.
You have a valid point that people should carpool when they can, and that
many Californians are into that cosmopolitan idea of driving the cool looking
car with the top down (less so in Ventura County, where I live).

Still, so many people who don't live in California have no idea how spread
out this freakin' state is, and that commutes for many people are an hour+,
and the Cal economy is so crappy that you can't just find another job at

Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
The economic system we have ( a mixed economy slanted toward capitalism if ya ask me) is antiquated and not viable for large segments of the population. Not sure how this is a newsflash but every industry (oil, food, education etc) is a repressive tax on the poor under capitalism because goods/services aren't infinite and distributed based on need.
I'm a believer, as you know, in a well-regulated capitalism, that has
parameters for safety and workers rights (like the minimum wage). In this
way, the resources are distributed by need, because people naturally
go out and get what they need. The free market only requires that each
person contributes to that creation of resources, in order to be able to
have the medium (i.e. money) to purchase that need. The "well-regulated"
aspect of capitalism will provide for those unable to "contribute" as it were
(such as the disabled, elderly, etc.)

Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
We buy everything from nations that want to kill us so why is oil so special? If you're sitting at your desk Phil, pick up 10 items around you and tell me how many of 'em were made in Asia (specifically China or India).
I agree with you on this point. My wife has the cutest little doll that she
bought at an outlet store, and I was crest-fallen to see the "Made in China"
tag on the back. Here's what makes something like oil "special" though.
Our economy will collapse without the oil, so some of these aggressive
nations really do have us by the balls, to an extent. Our nation will not
collapse, though, if we stop importing rag dolls from China.

Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
Capitalism dictates that profit is paramount over environment, physical health of all peoples and military security. If you have a problem with our trading/buying habits I'd be more than happy to lead the charge for a self-sufficient (or nearly) U.S. economy based on the following criteria...

1. We decide, AS A PEOPLE, what we value and produce said goods/services.
2. We don't import.
Our capitalist market (well-regulated, of course), determines what we value
and need (which is why we are the world's producer of life-saving meds,
for instance). Again, we do have regulation against trashing the environment
(even though we could do a better job of it). We just need to be careful
not to go too far over to the other side, and screw the economy.

As for trade is something good. However, we need
to be doing a better job in terms of who we trade with, and what we are

LASTLY: I'm glad you don't buy "global warming" either. :clap:
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