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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
Ahhh Global Warming...

I love when non-scientists claim to know more about subjects than the experts...
I was agnostic on the issue for a long time, but only leery of the
possibility of bankrupting the US economy, because of fear of
"global warming".

However, I base my current position on the measurements published
by NOAA this past year that show that global warming isn't happening.
They released the findings of the deep-sea buoys that more accurately
measure the overall long-term temperature of the Earth, rather than
surface measurements that are subject to more short-term, localized,
and fatuous changes. They showed that the overall temperature of
the Earth has gone down about 0.6 degrees over the past 30

Global warming isn't happening. It's just the most recent scare of this
decade, like "deforestation" was in the '90's, like "the ozone layer" was
in the '80's, and "global cooling" was in the '70's. In fact, the
environmentalist lobby is starting to recognize this as well, thus, their
more recent use of the term "climate change" instead of the hackneyed
"global warming" claim.

Be worried about "global warming" if you want to, CK. I'm not.
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