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I think the major problem facing the Red Sox next season is the Red Sox. They have become accustomed to losing the big ones and that mentality doesn't change very quickly. I like Damon, but only in the 2nd half. He is a notoriously slow starter and usually doesn't heat up until after the All-star break, then he can be almost unstoppable. Manny is Manny and should hit about .300-.315 with 40-50Hrs and 130+ RBI. Nomar needs to show that he is completely healed from the wrist injury that kept him on the sidelines last season. I also like Nixon. He is very underrated, and I think he likes it like that, as does Varitek. Both are solid players. Clark is a definite question mark. When he's healthy, he can hit .325 with 40 Hrs and about 130 RBI. When he's hurting, as he has been the past couple of years, those numbers are only dreams.
The biggest if on the team is the pitching. Will Pedro come back 100%? Can Hermanson take the next step? Can Urbina return to form?
Overall, I like the Red Sox, but they are playing in the toughest division in the AL and may lose too many games inside their division to make the playoffs.
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