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Cool Kings take out the Mavericks in 5 games!

Kings 114, Mavericks 101. Game. Set. Match. Kings in 5. I knew my boys could do it. Go Kings!

Woohoo! :partytime:

The Kings are just a better team than the Dallas Mavericks. Period.

Nowitzki went off tonight. He was unstoppable but this time it was Nash with the disappearing act.

At least I don't have to hear anymore crap about how the Mavericks are going to win the title this year.

To me, Dallas is a great regular season team but just not a good postseason team.

air_canada, nice job. You and I are the only ones who picked right in this series.

Originally posted by Brian:

Spike your just as cocky as the entire Kings team
Yeah I lay it on thick sometimes but I have reason to. Because nobody, including yourself, gives the Kings any respect. About 90 percent of what I've read on the Internet and heard from the media had picked the Mavericks to win this series. I feel like I have to defend them on this board as fiercely as possible, hehe.

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