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Originally Posted by tobynosker View Post
Where are you working at now CK? Are you still selling textbooks?
Still working at the same place, working with professors on texts books. I've applied for a promotion. Hopefully I will be a content developer for political science by the end of the year :thumbup:

And congrats on the house. Is that for you and your lady friend?
Thanks. The lady friend and I are no longer together actually. Bachelor pad! :thumbsup2:

I have a wedding to attend in September in Portland, Oregon and I have talked a buddy of mine into driving the trip with me. On the way there, we plan on traveling into Wyoming and stopping in Salt Lake City, Utah...and then on the way back, I want to drive down the California coast, hit up Las Vegas and come back through Utah (again) and Colorado. I want to squeeze in as much as I can in an eight-day trip.
That sounds awesome. I would love to do something like that. I've heard that parts of Utah are beautiful.
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