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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
It's spring again and time to disrespect Tim Duncan in the MVP race. Why is the media all over Dirk and Nash when Duncan is right there? Here's the story...

Phoenix is 52-17
San Antonio is 49-20

The Spurs will most likely catch Phoenix cuz they have a few more home games down the stretch plus they only play 3 teams with a winning record. Phoenix has 7 games left against teams with a winning record.

Duncan's stats...

20.0 PPG
10.8 RPG
3.3 APG
54% FG
65% FT
2.3 BPG

Nash's stats...

19.0 PPG
3.5 RPG
11.6 APG
0.8 SPG

It's basically EQUAL when you flip the rebounds and assists for a PF and PG.

What am I missing here? I don't even want people to GIVE it to him...all I'm asking is why isn't he even mentioned?
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