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Originally Posted by NickFeely
I don't like Duncan and his "me?" face (after a foul is called on him he religiously sticks his arms out and holds his mouth wide open as if he is so shocked the call was on him)
And it seems Tim Duncan is a favorite of David Stern, despite his "me?" face that the NBA is looking to crack-down on this season.

Duncan was called for a technical foul on Sunday for arguing about an offensive foul call, and then received a second technical foul call for laughing on the bench about a call that went against the Spurs.

Duncan claimed NBA official Joey Crawford has a "personal vendetta against me," although Crawford said Duncan referred to him with an expletive.

The end result: A long-tenured NBA referee who has officiated 266 career playoff games and 38 NBA Finals games has been suspended for the rest of the season.
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