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Originally posted by Shawndo
ok perhaps not quite EVERYONE else.
Yes, I am serious, SoCal sports.. Kobe IS the Lakers, not just another player on the roster.
I see where you're coming from, but if you hate watching Kobe, you're going to hate watching the Lakers, and how can you be a fan of something you hate to watch? That's where I'm coming from..
See your point. I still watch every Laker game I can but I admitt I spend a lot of time bad mouthing Kobe which does effect my viewing enjoyment. He is the Lakers right now, and that is what scares me. I worry the Lakers will end up like the Sixers with Iverson. One guy doing all the scoring and being just an average team. The Sixers at least eventually put enough character players with Iverson to make a run at a championship. The Lakers don't have that supporting cast right now but I think they will be a little better than last year. I think bringing Phil back will just add to the ego problems, but I guess time will tell.
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