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:lol:, SoCal...

N/P with straying. Maybe this is just a late night where hearing some of this latest spin about Bryant just got to be too much. I can honestly say Bryant is the only athlete in any sport that continuously is thrust into the media & threads when his performance should be one of discussion on "what's going on??" than "Well, the reason why he's great is...".

It just boggles the mind. Use any example or sport you want...Take TO & his antics. Hate him or not, he still brings it at a high level. You say anything bad about Bryant & the first thing is "Kobe hater" as tho that hides his low % shooting, TOs, alienating coaches & teammates, etc. & that's just 1 example...

So don't worry about me pointing out it's a Heat thread...I haven't said any Heat talk myself... & now that I posted this, the proverbial ____ will hit the fan but at least it'll be in another thread hopefully...
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