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blackdog you forgot about Van Exel off the bench as well.
you're right. the Spurs bench alone could take out some bottom tier teams: C- Robert Horry, SF/PF- Michael Finley and Fabricio Oberto, SG- Brent Barry, PG- Nick Van Exel.

need points over D? sub in Finley for Bowen, Parker causing turnovers? sub Van Exel in

By 'team to beat', I mean who do you think is going to be the superior ballclub come post-season. I know it's just about blind speculation at this point, so it's more of a 'wild guess' type of thing just for fun..
in the post season i still say the Spurs. everyone on their team have been there & done that. what situation are not they equipped to handle?

the Heat have mix and match of different levels of experience and no one really knows yet how they will mesh.

that's why the Spurs have the edge- a championship team that just added some solid veterans to create the deepest team in the NBA.

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