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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
After all, when I told you that as a first-year teacher I technically qualified for food stamps/govt assitance therefore we shouldn't overreact to Obama's "food stamp childhood" you pretty much dismissed my comparison.
I dismissed the comparison because it does nothing to diminish the point I was making - the point being that Obama came from a more modest beginning than most presidents. I never made the claim that he came from absolute poverty. I made the claim that he wasn't your typical country-club-since-birth politician.

In any event, since the inception of the poverty index in the early 1960s the system hasn't been tweaked to a large extent. It has criticisms and has surely been manipulated by the folks we saw on the Big Stage yesterday to inflate/deflate their power plays but other than that...I'm fine with it.
That may be so, but I would argue that the conditions of many in poverty today (at least in the US) are better than the conditions of that same 12% in 1968.
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