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There have been far worse circumstances before. The Pens threw the last dozen or so games way back when, just so they could get Lemieux in the draft. I don't see how dealing off one more guy will make much difference considering how horrendous they are right now anyways.

There are two things that are major factors why they are losing: Having an 18 year old goalie who's not ready to be number one, with no true backup to help him out, and having Mario out with injury for most of the season, everything else is just kicking sand onto the open, gaping wound.

Yes, Philly and the Rangers seem to have an advantage, but maybe they'll falter against the Pens by being overconfident, or maybe another young prospect will emerge and step up their game like Fata had before he hurt himself.

Frankly, I see the move being smart for a team that's bleeding money, has no chance of winning in the grand scheme of things anyways, and is building towards the post CBA future.
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