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Default Top 10 botched idioms...

10. Cardsharp, not Card shark Exception: Corrugated hammerhead.

9. Shoo-in, not Shoe-in Exception: Attending a Buckeye home game.

8. Palm off, not Pawn off Exception: Old guitar as collateral.

7. Milquetoast, not Milk toast Exception: Clumsy at breakfast.

6. Free rein, not Free reign Exception: Dominated by liberty.

5. Bated breath, not Baited breath Exception: Gone fishing, forgot lunch.

4. Toe the line, not Tow the line Exception: Gone fishing, motor not working.

3. Moot point, not Mute point Exception: An aphasiac giving directions.

2. Whet your appetite, not Wet your appetite Exception: Aqueous hankering.

1. Guerrilla warfare, not Gorilla warfare Exception: Primate exhibit rebellion.

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