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I think its a little early still to label the Phoenix franchise a failure. The team has sucked since they arrived and until december last year, they didnt have somewhere that they could call their home. Now with the new arena, which I hear is great for hockey, lets see what Gretzky can do with the added revenue. Plenty of snowbirds by tickets to see Coyotes games, but you're not going to get the casual fan interested until you put some form of winning team on the ice. Its the same way here for the Cardinals. They have sucked for so long, no one bothers to go to the games, except when a team from up north or east comes to town and then the snowbirders fill up the stands. From what I have seen since the new Glendale arena has opened, the fan attendence hasnt been that bad. But if they dont put a winning team on the ice, that isnt going to last. The Boucher shutout record brought the fans out, but they need some longer lasting publicity to keep it going. Ticket prices are not that bad and a ticket in the upper deck can be had for less than $20 dollars. Parking is also free at the new arena. I personally will be taking in my first game at the new arena on march the 7th for the Coyotes vs Wild game. I'll let you know how it was.
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