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Friday, February 18, 2011 12:00AM By James Feger - For Variety

TWO undefeated Rocball teams met on court last Wednesday. The Kingz – 2010 defending champions – and team Fly High, a combination of last year’s players.

As what could be expected, the game between the undefeated was decided in overtime.

The Fly Highs came loaded with energy as they outscored the defending champs, 16-4 and 16-3 in the first two sets. They held their commanding lead in the final set with 32 points.

The Kingz – all veteran Rocball players – know the rules of the game. A team can’t claim the game in a losing set regardless of game points. The Kingz needed to win the last set and force the game to overtime.

By the third set, Fly High led 7-5 after the Kingz failed two serves and lost two points. Kingz’ Ben Olopai served a xunk and dropped the Fly Highs to even out the score, 5-5. Olopai served for a two-point ace, putting his team ahead for the first time.

The Fly Highs couldn’t break their foes’ rhythm and lost. Because they had the most game points at the end of regular play, they had to win only one more overtime set. The Kingz needed two.

In almost no time, Fly High defeated the Kingz and handed them their first loss of the season with a 7-5 win. (Teams must score seven points or make a goal in the overtime set of high school Rocball.)

Yesterday, the Kingz and Fly Highs played an exhibition game for visiting Seisa High School students from Yokohama, Japan. This year marks the 25th year for the Cultural and Sports Exchange Program between Seisa and Marianas High School. This also marked the 25th year MHS students have played Rocball as a part of the program. Seisa and MHS students played yesterday,
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