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Sorry J, you did say correct you...

Next year the Padres should have Tankersley and Peavey (Tank for the whole season - Peavey will join at some point) in the rotation with Jarvis, Eaton, and Tomko. Middlebrook could crowd his way in - but will likely be bullpen help... Phillips isn't that far away - '04 probably. And they have a couple others who are good as well...

As for salary concerns, the Padres have said that their revenue will rise with opening of the new downtown ballpark in '04.

They expect to be a $50-60 mil team at that point.

Keep in mind, while Nevin, Klesko, Lankford, and Hoffman are (realtively) expensive, Burroughs, Vasquez, Jiminez, and Gonzales are cheap. Furthermore, the Padres still have Jake Geautreu (spelling?), and Xavier Nady who will both be studs who will be ready very soon and will help keep payroll lower.

The Padres will still trade away some salary to keep payroll from becoming too high, but they'll trade away guys like Lankford, Trammel, Bobby Jones, guys that are decent but who's replacements would be equal in talent but less in dollars...
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