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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
First of all, the current mods are doing and have done a great job. Anthony, catman, doublee, etc. all remain active, post, and enforce the rules (eliminate spam, close flame wars, etc.). I can't ask for more and I'm appreciative. As for Sue and Mike ... you have no idea. I've personally contacted them trying to get them to come back, but it was their decision. I don't know why. I even offered Mike a mod role. I did everything I could and I cared. But ultimately, it's their decision, don't blame me...

Oh, and you know, I can't remember the last time I actually got some thanks for any of you appreciated the work I do. Maybe if you had better attitudes I might have more energy to do things, but you all beat me down just like the morale of the boards has been beaten down. I am only criticized and the only one who seems to get me now is Ellis. I know I'm not perfect, but I do some things right and it would be nice just once to feel appreciated...
BTW Marc...

Do you really believe if you lie with enough conviction that it will come true?

Even when you are addressing people who actually talked to the persons you've referenced?
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