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Yeah, I read the one on Little (and a couple of the others). I think the posts on the Seniors candidates echo the feelings we expressed earlier: LeBeau would be more appropriate as a contributor, and Little is a borderline case. Honestly, I don't have a strong preference as to whether Little gets in or not. My issue in our earlier discussion was just the comparisons to also-rans like Don Perkins and Ken Willard (a mistake repeated in the PFR post). Nothing really separates Little from Dan Towler, Rick Casares, Larry Brown, Chuck Foreman, Lydell Mitchell, William Andrews, O.J. Anderson, Roger Craig, Herschel Walker, Ricky Watters, or Terrell Davis. Would I put him ahead of a couple of those guys? Yeah. Would he be the worst RB in the HOF? No. The Hall would be fine without Little, but it would be fine with him, too, I think.

It amazes me that you continue to deflect credit for the zone blitz from LeBeau to Bill Arnsparger. Do you believe Al Davis invented the West Coast Offense and Francis Schmidt designed the Air Coryell offense?

Altogether, I think we have a very strong group of finalists this year (maybe that's obvious with Rice and Smith) and into the foreseeable future, as some will be left off again this time. The waiting period for receivers never ceases to astound me. I really thought Cris Carter would get in on the first ballot, but now I wouldn't be surprised if he's denied again.

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