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Default 2010 HOF Nominees

All in all, a good set of five modern era candidates. Grimm is the weakest of these (relatively short career marred by injury), but I can see a case for him, and if he's deemed worthy this was a good time to elect him. The field will be crowded with good candidates in the next three years (Marshall Faulk, Jerome Bettis, Curtis Martin, Deion Sanders, William Roaf, Bill Parcells, Will Shields, Jonathan Ogden, Michael Strahan, Larry Allen, Warren Sapp) and they'll need a crane to get just these folks in -- that's two classes of 5 modern candidates plus one extra right there.

I think Rickey Jackson was very deserving, and his getting in validates the astute and equally non-trendy election of Andre Tippett recently, plus likely bodes well for Kevin Greene and Charles Haley in future. For a change, there's a logjam (here of LBs) that's being broken up and ushered in piece by piece (add in Harry Carson and Derrick Thomas to this group).

Brad, like you, I remain mystified by the continued exclusion of safeties. And am thinking contributors and coaches should have their own election category separate from modern players and seniors. This will get deserving folks like the Sabols in finally.

In retrospect, it's not surprising Cris Carter is being delayed. He's likely and not unfairly being perceived as a possession receiver, and Ray Berry aside, it's not unusual for such WRs to wait a few years. Plus he's not seen as the best WR of his time (Jerry Rice is), and counting Rice this year, only five WRs have ever been "first ballot/first year eligible" (the others were Alworth, Berry, Warfield, and Largent). Am guessing the voters intend to elect Carter, Tim Brown, and Andre Reed eventually, and my guess is that Reed made the cut into the top 10 (as opposed to Carter and Brown) because he has been waiting the longest -- but there's a logjam here, whose break-up likely got delayed further by Rice's being voted in this year. Just a guess, but it's possible the epic-proportion whining and hand-wringing over Carter's not being elected (not least by Carter himself when he didn't get in "first ballot") may not be sitting well with some electors who feel shown up.
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