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Just a couple things:

Originally Posted by Brad O. View Post
I think Little is comparable to (or significantly better than) George McAfee, Tony Canadeo, Bill Dudley, Charlie Trippi, Doak Walker, Frank Gifford, and Larry Csonka. I like your characterisation of Hornung as "a unique HoF mistake." He's not one of the 100 best RBs in history.
All but Csonka are before my time. And I'll agree that Csonka isn't the world beater some folks think -- the few times I've seen much mentioned about him, the assumption seems to be that he's a no-brainer. Whether he's the equal or inferior to Little is indeed a good question. But from what I've been able to figure out on two of the other folks mentioned, they may be hard folks to compare well to Little because of the combination of skill sets involved.

--Frank Gifford doesn't strike me as an especially strong HoF-er, but my impression was that his basically just OK rushing stats got a strong boost from his skills as a receiver.

--Doak Walker was a real jack-of-all-trades who looks like he was a decent PK for the time, added some very healthy pass catch stats to what looks like some so-so rushing numbers, did some punting, was none too shabby as a KR, and also played DB. In fact, he may be hard to compare with anyone from the 50s and later.

Not sure about the earlier folks, especially since I'll bet several of these were two-way players -- again, pretty tough to compare to Little if so. Gives me something to take a look at, though.

Originally Posted by Brad O. View Post
In their careers, Jackson and Tippett had 8 interceptions and 1, respectively. Lawrence Taylor, who had almost no coverage responsibilities, had 9. I would suggest that even "decent in pass coverage" overstates their credentials, Tippett's in particular.
Remember, I'm a healthy skeptic regarding the significance of INTs. Re Tippett: his single career INT might indeed mean he was poor in pass coverage or never did this, but could also mean that nobody ever threw against him when he played coverage, or maybe more likely that Tippett could cover okay but had bad hands. In fact, I'd guess that if any of these guys had good hands, they would have been TEs instead of LBs.
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