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I agree that K-State is not a cakewalk. They slipped up a bit this year due to injuries, but they're no slouch. The Mike Stoops to Arizona story is also something of a distraction.

That said, OU is the best-coached team I've seen in quite some time, and that starts at the top. They're still odds-on favorties to win. I'd give anything for Texas and OU to trade head coaches.

There is one superstitious point that is not in OU's favor, but it's not about Jason White winning the Heisman. They haven't really had any close calls other than a relatively close game early against Alabama. I don't think you can dominate every single game in a season, and if they come out mediocre against a top-flight team like USC or LSU, they will lose. Conversely, if they came out mediocre against, say, A & M, they would still have gotten the W.

If you look at the last three years, we've had undefeated national champs. However, OU in 2000 had close calls against A & M and OK State, Miami in 2001 had close calls against BC and Virginia Tech, and The Buckeyes had close games against everyone last year, it seemed. I just think OU is due for a bad game, and Bob Stoops better do everything he can to keep that from happening.
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