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And if Nutt, Marc, who steps in at Arkansas? If Arkansas can't match the Nebraska money (as they've claimed they can't) doesn't that eliminate Spurrier from the list of contenders. Not that the job's open yet, but...

I'd be surprised if Nutt were to leave. He's not much of a departure from what Nebraska's had in recent years, scheme-wise, and has battled pretty significant issues with discipline and classiness of athlete. It'd be a bad move, if he were to go to Nebraska and garner Erickson-style attention for recruiting every criminal around. Not that that's what he does at Arkansas, but at a lesser program, you make decisions about questionable guys... those questionable guys have backfired on him. There hasn't been the huge press around it because Arkansas is a lesser program than Nebraska, nationally. He has similar problems at NU, he's toast...

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