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Well, it ain't gonna be Mike Zimmer, Cowboys DC.
This is getting a little crazy. espn reports that Pederson has called to gauge Bill Callahan's interest in the job. This no longer looks like something that was particularly well-thought-out or even has a plan. Makes me wonder if there's clause in the contract that makes guys want to say no... Like "National Title Game in Two Years, or we can buy your contract for a quarter of its value..."

One guy that likely would have been able to turn things around in Lincoln, Tom Coughlin, has reportedly signed with the Giants. Nebraska is losing recruits by the bushels at this point. Signing Day is less than a month away. What in hell is this guy doing? Initially, I thought he did the right, I'm wondering very seriously. If I were a verbal commit to Nebraska right now, I'd be highly concerned about that situation, and would be making inquiries to other schools that made offers.

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