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Originally posted by gconnhokiebird
Reading that just makes me laugh. I guess I need to be more serious. I still won't put Roethilsberger on my list or put Brady high, I'm just not the kind of person that just believes what the media tells me. Anyway heres my real list

1. Peyton Manning
2. Donovan Mcnabb
3. Mike Vick
4. Daunte Culpeper
5. Pennington
6. Bret Farve
7. Drew Bledsoe
8. Matt Hassleback
9. Tom Brady
10. Aaron Brooks
11. Marc Bulger
12. Drew Brees

I think everyone is really forgetting what Chad Pennington is capable of. He's had a couple of shaky last games but it happens. Will see. People need to think for themselves alittle bit more. Why is Marc Bulger on no lists? He's been pretty good hasn't he? and don't tell me I'm watching a differnt game b/c I can almost guarentee not many of you see the Rams or Saints or Seahawks.
Pennington was very strong yesterday, yet I was very impressed with Drew Brees also. Matt Hassleback and Marc Bulger both had very big games, the secondaries wern't great but they still deserve credit.
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