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Traitor is a nice term for them. Considering most of the Confederate generals and political leaders were allowed to assume their positions in the halls of the United States government AFTER the Civil War, I believe the "good guys" set a pattern of not being harsh enough on the ignorant, racist, treasonous anarchists who nearly destroyed the entire nation 140 years ago. That is why Confederate Heroes' Day was created. It's why a few southern leaders are gaining momentum in trying to remove the U.S. flag from state institutions, and fly their own state flag. Notice how I left out the word 'hero' in my original post? Couldn't bare to put it in there.


Your link is an interesting one, but a little short on full examination of the man and the movement. Think about this: a man can be a full blown racist and appreciate King for the following endeavors...

1. successful use of non-violent tactics to achieve social and political goals.

2. successful use of economic boycotts by a minority group ( including the use of car pools and bike drop offs where one man would ride a bike to work and leave it for another to pick up and use during the Montgomery bus boycott of 55) to alter federal law ( segregation specifically declared illegal by S.C.).

3. drawing a direct line between poverty ( unspecified by race) and oppression to the unfairness of the Vietnam draft.

4. the ability to successfully use religious ( specifically Biblical) beliefs as well as Constitutional truths in a cohesive manner to effectively change numerous aspects of social, political, and cultural life, WITHOUT ( because no one can do it today) overriding the line between church and state. In other words, even though God guided him, the man accomplished all his change through legal, innovative means, without using religion to bully ( ahem...Bush anyone?) or divide people on sides.

There's four major points to appreciate what King did because I believe they are all true American ideals, whether they are specifically outlined in the Constitution or not. On the other hand, I doubt any racists can appreciate him anyway. I doubt they lack the intelligence to investigate the matter further.

And by the way Marc, rock n' roll is the TRUE black musicical genre. Last time I checked, the drum is an instrument native to Africa, and Robert Johnson is widely regarded as the innovator of it.

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