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Originally posted by Marc
it's writen by a friend of mine and I can see where he's coming from. Thoughts?
Personally I don't understand why the post of your friends was even written. On one hand he trivializes MLK Day as an opportunity for a 3 day weekend & goes on to point out Veterans Day as an important day worthy of being a Holiday.

To what end?? If I thought he really wanted to bring up why some other important dates aren't treated with the same reverance, I would agree certain dates should be elevated also. However I'd mention that aligning it with MLK Day muddies his point & allows some to take it as a type of competition of the 2 instead of taking Veterans Day on it's own merit.

But even taking his view like that doesn't explain his flippancy in describing that people "could catch the sales" by having Veterans Day off. Are we to take his sarcasm & delivery as just his way of communicating a valid point or that he's just being a smart ass??

His pitch is either trolling for a reaction or showing himself to be quite immature in presenting his case or that he likes to see his words in print no matter what the message.

Him admitting posting a controversial point combatting political correctness but using MLK Day as the vehicle is either trolling or just plain stupidity. If he was to bring this up to his close friends that know exactly what he means...fine. But talking to the masses where the majority doesn't know him is asking for it. He wouldn't be my choice to impart a sensitive point to a group. He's ill-equipt to handle it....

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